Step 1 - Choose your quantities - Honey

How much weed do you have?
How strong is your weed? (10% average)
How many portions you want?

Step 2 - Be aware of your dosage - Honey

Your recipe will have


of THC
Each portion has


Positive Effects

Negative Effects

You may or may not feel all the effects listed*

Step 3 - Let's cook!



1/2 cup of coconut oil
3.5 ground weed
300 g honey

Step by step

Step 1: Grind your weed fine, you want to make a good surface area of exposure.
Step 2: Add the grinded weed to a canning jar with 1/2 cup of coconut oil.
Step 3: Seal the canning jar very tightly.
Step 4: Add the canning jar in boiling water using low-medium heat for over 2 hours.
Step 5: Put all the jar's content into a cheesecloth over a metal strainer.
Step 6: Gather the cheesecloth and squeese all the remaining liquid out.
Step 7: Add the coconut oil and the honey in blend
Step 8: Put and store all the mixture in a canning jar or mason jar

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  • Eat a small amount at a time, and wait an hour or more between doses.
  • Eat real food before you try an edible.
  • Remember that eating cannabis is much stronger than smoking it.
  • Be aware that edibles can take up to an hour to kick in.
  • If you get anxious, try to stay calm. Nobody has ever overdosed from cannabis.


  • Don't eat pot food too quickly. Start small and low.
  • Don't drink alcohol or use others drugs.
  • Don't try to get as high as possible. It's not a competition.
  • Don't take cannabis food with empty stomach.
  • Don't get dehydrated, make sure to drink water.