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How to make Gummy bears


  • ¼ cup of infused coconut oil with 3.5 grams weed - See the recipe
  • 3 oz flavored gelatin box
  • 2 tsp or two packs unflavored gelatin
  • ⅔ cup of cold water
  • ½ tsp lecithin
  • Gummy Bear mold

Step by step

  • Step 1: Combine the powders, add water and lecithin, stir. Let sit 10-15 min allowing the gelatin to bloom.
  • Step 2: Heat on low heat for five minutes, stir, heat five minutes, stir (repeat until it looks fairly clear).
  • Step 3: Add the infused coconut oil stir in for a minute.
  • Step 4: Transfer to molds and wait 10-15 minutes until gelatin sets.
  • Step 5: Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature.
  • Step 6: Pour it all into a mold, refrigerate overnight. Store in the fridge.